If you have a suspected ant infestation in your home, do not provoke them as it causes agitation and possible colony splits.

Our ORIGINators are familiar with the type of ants commonly found in Singapore and after a thorough home inspection, will engage the most appropriate and effective treatment for your home and its occupants.


ORIGIN offers several treatment options to best suit your home and family to eradicate your ants invasion problems.

ORIGIN has scientifically produced gel baits, which specifically target the ant species based on their preferred food options. This is effective for long-term treatment and control. Small gel dots, placed strategically and replenished regularly – are consumed by the ants which return to the colony, which allows us to target the source of the infestation. This spot treatment also allows us to ensure that these gel baits are placed in areas inaccessible to small children and pets.
Residual spraying is an extremely effective treatment for homes as it is not harmful to humans and will not stain the walls or flooring. A pesticide non-toxic to mammals is sprayed at targeted areas acting as a chemical barrier, killing ants instantly upon contact.