Cockroaches thrive in warm, humid and dark environments so keep your kitchens clean, especially behind cabinets, shelves and sinks.



The most common cockroaches found in Singapore are the American and German cockroaches. American cockroaches are large (4-5 cm) and dark brown in colour, whilst German cockroaches are small (1-2cm) and light brown in colour. As they have different nesting and behavioural habits, ORIGIN will inspect your property thoroughly and administer the most appropriate and effective treatment for your home and its occupants.


ORIGIN has scientifically produced gel baits, which specifically target the biology and behavior of cockroaches – effective for long-term treatment and control. Small gel dots, placed strategically and replenished regularly – are consumed by the cockroaches which return to the nest, which allows us to target the source of the infestation. This spot treatment also allows us to ensure that these gel baits are placed in areas inaccessible to small children and pets.
Residual spraying is an extremely effective treatment for homes as it is not harmful to humans and will not stain the walls or flooring.A non-toxic pesticide solution is sprayed at targeted areas acting as a chemical barrier, killing cockroaches instantly upon contact.