Wipe your kitchen surfaces with an approved sterilising solution to properly clean any food stains that might not be visible to the naked eye.


ORIGIN offers several treatment options based on the severity of your fly problem at home, and takes into consideration the residents of the home, including pets.


Carton bait boxes are placed strategically around sinks, bins and cabinets thatkill the flies once the bait has been consumed.
A non-toxic pesticide solution is sprayed at fly resting areas, as flies are capable of spreading disease even when they walk on surfaces.
ORIGIN installs Insect Light Traps in special cases – these trap flies with glue boards (instead of electrocuting them), which is hygienic and allows further identification of the species.

flytrap1flytrap 2
This treatment involves the application of a water-based mist that allows us to control flies breeding or swarming outdoors and is particularly effective for seasonal flying insects such as ant alates.