Booklice / silverfish

While generally harmless, quickly-multiplying booklice are usually found in warehouses and libraries and can cause significant damage to books.


Ticks are pathogen carriers and spread disease through biting and are most commonly found on dogs.


The flea is a small sucking insect, primarily attacking dogs and cats, and can be difficult to find in the folds of their coats. Cat fleas can transmit parasites and infections.


Lizards are most fond of leaving their droppings everywhere, and these droppings can cause Salmonella, a type of food poisoning.


Beetles can sometimes be visually mistaken for cockroaches, and cause a different kind of nuisance in the home – often damaging carpets, wood items, and even your garden.


Woodworms are the larval stage of beetles and evidence of their presence can be seen through holes in wooden objects within the house, where they thrive in dampness.

Garden termites

Termites are not just limited to wood within your home, they can also attack your garden, typically around food sources or at the roots of your plants, where wood may be present.

Tree Termites

The subterranean termite can also attack living trees, which may be on your property – rendering a tree unstable, which can fall and cause injury and further damage.

If you’ve come across a pest in your home that you can’t identify, snap a close-up picture of it and send it over.

We will then identify it and recommend an effective treatment.